A Troll Is Going Around Exposing OnlyFans Girls To Their Families & Sending Them Into Panic Mode

It doesn’t get much lower than this.

A man calling himself ‘King Willhelm’ who says he is a former pimp is signing up to OnlyFans accounts and outing content creators to their families, friends and employers. It looks like he only targets women and says he is doing it as a way of “helping” to abolish sex work.

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OnlyFans is a perfectly legal online platform where people can share anything from clothed pictures to nudes to hardcore porn with paid subscribers. So what this scumbag does is sign up, ‘simp’ for the girls a little bit, and then sends their material to their families.

Here’s the sort of drama he’s created:

It gets worse…

What an absolute bastard. His explanation that he’s just trying to abolish sex work is stupid enough, but I don’t even think that’s the reason because clearly this guy is getting some weird thrill from ruining these girls’ lives and asking for them to get on their knees and pray and whatnot. In addition to the public humiliation, he’s trying to make them take down their content and denounce sex work.

Here’s another convo where he seems to be asking a sex worker to become his ‘servant’ and help him take down more OnlyFans accounts:

The good news is that a whole bunch of people reported him and he was busy the other day deleting all the Tweets bragging about his exploits, although he said he didn’t do this out of fear but rather because the FBI asked him to ‘protect himself’. Lol – yeah right buddy.

It seems he’s shit himself quite badly though because when I tried to access his page earlier, it had been deleted:

Whilst Willhelm did have a disturbing amount of people supporting his cause (all incels probably), most people were ripping into him for doxing sex workers and calling for others to mass report & block him, so it looks like it’s mission accomplished on that front and hopefully this prick won’t be ruining the lives of strangers anymore.

Let’s just hope he’s fucked off for good.

For one girl who definitely doesn’t need to worry about her parents discovering her OnlyFans account, click HERE. Keeping it in the family.


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