Man Buys $35,000 Engagement Ring For Girlfriend, Only To Have It Stolen By Girl He Cheated With

When you 100% have it coming.

A man who splashed $35,000 on an engagement ring for his girlfriend has royally cocked things up after a random girl he brought back to his hotel room swiped the ring while he was sleeping.

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Police are looking for the female suspect who they say, “removed a diamond engagement ring from the 43-year-old victim’s room inside the Standard Hotel, located at 848 Washington Street.”


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On the crime itself:

The victim met the female thief while he was out partying with friends and invited her back to his room. When he woke up, the woman had left and the ring – which he had been keeping in the room – was gone.

You can see the suspect in the CCTV footage below – pretty nice smile don’t you think? No wonder he thought he could trust her:

Difficult to have any sympathy for this guy. I mean this is just the perfect example of karma biting a cheater on the backside. You buy a $35,000 engagement ring for your girlfriend and then hook up with some random girl you met clubbing on the same day? That’s just asking for the universe to smite you.

The crazy thing is I think this dude is getting away with it? He’s not named in any of the reports and his face is blurred from the CCTV footage. With any luck he’ll get the ring back and his girlfriend/fiancée will be none the wiser. Let’s just hope he doesn’t propose by hiding the ring in a McChicken sandwich – women hate that.


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