Man Has To Have Eel Cut Out Of Body After It Swims Up His Anus During Prank Gone Wrong

Eel Cut Out Stomach

Great prank guy.

In a worrying new trend, it seems like people inserting eels up their butts is becoming more and more common.

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that someone thought that performing this act would aid their constipation (spoiler alert – it didn’t) and now it’s being reported that someone else had an eel inserted up their butt as part of a prank. Unfortunately the prank couldn’t have gone more wrong as the eel swam up his butt off into his body. Not really sure how it’s even a prank to begin with, but maybe that’s what people classify as funny in China.

Anyway, it definitely didn’t end well for this guy, who had to be taken to hospital and then have his stomach cut open and the eel removed with a pair of forceps, which you can actually see in the video below. Best part about it is all the oohs and aahs from all the Chinese people in the operating theatre:

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t want that thing wiggling around in my body somewhere, no way. Wouldn’t be too keen on them cutting me up to get it out either. Hope this guy gets some serious compensation from his ‘friends’ for this one because it’s a fucking messed up prank to begin with and the way it played out just took things to the next level.

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