Watch This Man Eat A Raw Steak Dripping With Blood Outside A Vegan Food Festival

Vegan Steak

Get over it.

I still don’t really get why there’s such a level of hatred for vegans and vegetarians amongst some people, but here’s yet another example of a guy who can’t just let them get on with it and seems determined to go out of his way and do whatever he can to annoy them.

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Appearing outside a vegan food festival in Amsterdam, the guy casually tucks into a bloody and raw piece of steak whilst wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Go Vegan And Die’. The shocked vegans complained to a police officer but were unable to get the unidentified man to move on as he wasn’t actually trespassing as he was standing just outside of the festival grounds:

Here’s what a spokesman for the festival had to say:

While it is of course not forbidden to eat raw meat, it was of course a shocking sight because there was a puddle of blood and fat.

Besides, there were lots of elderly people and children. At that time a special children’s programme was going on.

At first he did not want to leave because it is not forbidden to stand just outside the festival terrain.

It was a weird protest by the gentleman. This festival is about having fun and sharing new experiences.

We are not extreme vegans so his actions were especially shocking.

Yeah I’ve gotta admit that it seems particularly cantankerous from the guy. Apparently he left after an hour but the damage had been done and a lot of vegans had been creeped out by his actions. Good one dude.

I’m not exactly particularly pro vegan but it’s not like these guys are running around being jerks like some of the militants out there. Just leave them be and focus on your own stuff dude. Seriously.

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