Man With Ear Ache Had A Whole Family Of Cockroaches Living In His Ear


A Beijing man who went to the doctor complaining of a “sharp pain” in his ear was found to have a whole damn family of cockroaches living inside his ear canal.

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Ear, nose and throat specialist Zhong Yijin said he found one large mother cockroach in the man’s right ear, plus more than 10 cockroach babies crawling around inside.

The doctor used a pair of tweezers to remove the cockroaches, and says the patient’s habit of leaving unfinished food packets near his bed could have attracted the insects. So anyone who does the same thing should probably take this as a warning.

What a nightmare. The most horrifying part is that it sounds like the mother cockroach crawled into this man’s ear whilst pregnant, and gave birth to a whole bunch of cockroach babies inside his head. Worse still, what if there were cockroaches shagging in his ear? I mean imagine having a DOZEN of these things living inside your brain. Who’s to say there aren’t more cockroach eggs in there waiting to hatch?

Absolutely disgusting. I’m sure this Chinese guy just thought he had an ear wax build-up or something. Nope – a fucking family of cockroaches living in your ear. Tough break.

For the Indian woman who went to the doctor with a headache only find a spider living in her head, click HERE. This sorta thing happens way too often for comfort.

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