A Man Dumped A Huge Pile Of Cow Manure On A Pub After The Landlord Shagged His Wife

Fair enough really.

There’s not many worse feelings in the world than being cheated on, so it’s no surprise that people go absolutely crazy in their reactions to the news sometimes.

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The latest nuts reaction comes courtesy of an unknown man in Liss, Hampshire who is accusing the landlord of The Hawkley Inn Simon Emberley of cheating on his wife Joanna, presumably with his own wife. He chose to make this accusation by dumping a literal tonne of cow shit outside the pub on Monday morning, along with a placard stating that ‘the landlord is fucking my wife’. Excellent.

Emberley himself is denying the accusations and offering the cow manure out for free to anyone who wants to come and pick it up. There’s so much of the stuff that the pub was severely delayed on Monday., Here’s what he had to say to MailOnline:

All I know is I turned up for work at 7.30 this morning, and there was a big pile of s*** in the road.

I don’t know where it’s come from or who has done it, but something like this can turn somebody’s life upside down. Whoever has done it is trying to ruin our business.

It is unfounded and untrue.

Well at least it sounds like Joanna believes Simon, but the question really does have to be asked as to why someone would go to all this effort if he didn’t know for sure that Simon was boning his wife. A whole tonne of manure is a lot of shifting around, don’t you think?

Of course, if it isn’t true then it leads to a whole new level of intrigue in this case – there must be something really murky going on over in Liss if someone wants to frame Simon in this way for cheating on his wife. Really hope the cops get to the bottom of this one – they’ve said they’re investigating – as you can bet your bottom dollar that something not quite right is going on in that part of town, right?

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