Man Drowns Himself Using His Murdered Wife’s Head

Man Drowns Himself Wife's Head

The old ball and chain doing its job.

An unnamed 72 year old man over in the town of Gmunden, Austria decided to use his wife’s head to help him get to the bottom of Lake Trausnee and commit suicide. If that wasn’t grim enough, wait until you hear about how he got a hold of his wife’s head.

It turns out his 71 year old wife’s head was available to him as he had previously strangled her and dismembered her. Then, just to make sure that it was definitely heavy enough to get him to the bottom of the lake, he entombed it in concrete. What a way to go.

The bodies were discovered by police divers in the lake a couple of days ago. They had been tipped off that something was up when they found two suitcases of the woman’s remains floating in the lake a few days before.

Obviously they were missing the head and so thought a search of the lake might yield that. I doubt they expected they would find this dude, with a bag attached to his hand where his wife’s head encased in concrete resided. He was also weighed down with personal belongings and rocks.

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Lake Tausnee

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Crucially, his body showed no signs of struggle which led Birgit Ahamer, a prosecutor for the nearby town of Wels to announce the following:

This makes us primarily think of an ‘extended suicide’.

I probably would have said it makes me think more of a murder-suicide, but I suppose I’m not a prosecutor. Either way, it’s unbelievably grim and a completely fucked up way to go. No RIP here bro – you made your bed now you have to lie in it.

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