Man Divorces 3 Times Before Giving Up On Humans; Finds Everlasting Love With Sex Doll

Murray Sex Doll

Whatever makes you happy buddy.

A guy called Murray from Queensland, Australia has done what so many of us have said we’ve done before but never followed through upon – he’s given up on love.

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However, whilst many of us may have said this before, it’s doubtful that any of us would follow this up by embarking on a relationship with a sex doll and finding love with it. This is exactly how Murray has sorted out his situation though.

Murray says that he experiences ‘levels of ecstasy’ beyond what he used to experience with actual human women. I suppose most people have had wanks that are better than sex with some girls but I don’t know if I would choose a lifetime of shagging a doll over actual human contact. Those divorces must have really hit Murray hard. Or his wives were just crap in bed.

Murray had the following to say about the sex:

It took me over a year to learn how to make love to dolls. Once I got over that massive learning curve they can take you into realms you didn’t know existed.

Hmmm. I don’t really know what he means because surely there’s only so much you can do with yourself and a plastic doll. Murray elaborates in the interview below:

Again, it’s kind of weird how Murray’s projecting his personality onto an inanimate object and also how he’s so willing to talk about it openly, but whatever makes you happy I guess. He seems to be enjoying it, although he did mention that Noni doesn’t like to wear the clothes that his previous plastic doll partners had used.

Yeah, that’s right, even when it comes to sex dolls Murray isn’t happy and is already on his fourth. Think it’s probably him that’s the problem then, not the women or the sex dolls.

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