Man Who Divorced Sex Doll Wife Is Now In A ‘Throuple’ With New Doll

This guy is ill.

Once again, we’re here on these pages talking about that Kazakhstani dude who is quite clearly mentally ill and likes to document his romances with various sex dolls via his Instagram page.

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The last time we heard from Yuri Tolochko he was in the process of cheating on his sex doll wife with some weird looking object, but now he’s fully divorced her and is currently engaged in a throuple with two other sex dolls, one of which he’s claiming is half a chicken and the other that he says more of a ‘sister’. Just a regular day in the life for this freak.

Here are the two posts introducing the new sex dolls of his harem to the world out there:

I just don’t know what to say about this guy anymore. Every time I write about him I say that people need to stop humouring him and someone needs to get him some psychiatric help immediately, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening and he keeps doing weirder and weirder stuff? Please someone out there kidnap him and take him to the nearest asylum. Seriously.

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