Man Discovers Wife Cheated On Him When DNA Test Showed Newborn Twins Had Two Different Fathers

Wait, what?!

A Chinese man has been left gobsmacked after finding out that his twin babies have two different fathers, exposing his wife’s infidelity in the process.

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The parent, who remains unidentified, made the shocking discovery after taking the newborns to undergo a DNA test as part of the standard procedure to register their births in China, a DNA analyst told Chinese newspaper Strait Herald.

Deng Yajun, the doctor who produced the paternity report, said that the chance for such a case to happen is one in 10 million. Even rarer than a triple yolk egg!

One of the twins was her husband’s, while the other twin, amazingly, was fathered by the man she was having an affair with. Who even knew that was possible? Not the woman’s husband, that’s for sure. He had apparently wondered why the twins didn’t look alike, but never questioned the possibility of not being a biological father to one of them. As the Strait Herald reported, one child had different eyes, mouth and nose, and did not resemble the father in any way.

Welp, what a way to find out your partner is cheating on you. Imagine spending 9 months preparing and looking forward to the birth of your child, only to discover that you’re not the father. Except, you are the father? One of the twin babies is yours, but the other isn’t. I’m confused just reading about this story so I can’t imagine how baffled this poor man was.

Imagine if DNA tests weren’t standard procedure in China? The family would probably have never known that one of the twins was fathered by another man. Yeah OK one of the twins would have looked different but they’d never suspect anything because after all, they’re twins and there was literally a one in 10 million chance of this even happening. How many other twins like this are there around the world who don’t even know about it?

Just a shame we couldn’t see this play out on the Jeremy Kyle show. One thing’s for sure – arranging child support is going to be a bitch.

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