Man Discovers Wife Axed Former Husband To Death After Finding His Skull In The Garden

Potato field murder

Alarm bells.

It’s probably always something of a risk going into a relationship with someone who has already been married and divorced, but most of the time there will have been a good reason for this and it wouldn’t have ended in the murder of one spouse by the other. And you would think that you would have at least known that your partner had previously been married.

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Unfortunately one unnamed man from Luzino, a village in the Omsk region of Siberia had to deal with both of these revelations at once when he managed to dig up the former husband’s skull in the pair’s garden. He rushed to tell his 60 year old wife about the discovery, who acted calmly and slowly told him what had happened 21 years ago:

Potato field murder

Don’t worry – it’s my first husband.

I hit him with an axe during a quarrel after he came home drunk and beat me.

I then dismembered his body and buried him in the potato patch – I told everyone else that one day he went to work and never came home.

Bury the remains again, forget about it, and we won’t tell the police.

The husband clearly didn’t rate his wife too much after discovering this information, as he immediately went to the police with his findings and his wife was arrested. She subsequently confessed to the murder of her husband and could face ten years in prison as a result of it.

They also exhumed the rest of the potato patch to find the rest of his bones. Grim.

What an absolutely crazy day for this dude though – one minute you’re just working in your garden and the next you find a human skull, discover that your wife has not only been lying to you about being married previously but also that she’s a murderer, and then you have to make the decision about whether or not to send her to prison. I hope when I get married and retire it’s nothing like that. Would happily take a lifetime of moaning and nagging in my marriage over having to deal with anything sudden and completely unexpected like that. Reads like the setup for a Park-Chan-wook movie or something. Who knows what is going to happen next in this situation?

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