Watch This Guy Separate His Forehead From His Skull After Savage Drunken Fall


Vomit material.

There’s no doubt that Sick Chirpse has brought you some truly revolting videos and stories over the years, but this might be one of the most sickening/gross yet. It certainly made me wretch when I was looking at it and I’ve pretty much seen them all.

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It’s a video that comes to us courtesy of some guy named Craig Mackenzie, who got so wasted on Saturday night that he decided to fall over and headbutt the curb. OK so I’m sure we’ve all made that mistake before, but Craig must be an absolute nutter because he managed to headbutt the curb so hard that his face got split open – to the point where he was actually able to move the flesh around on it and you could see the whites of his skull. Ouch.

Take a look at it below. But seriously – it’s really, really gross so if you’re feeling squeamish at all, don’t bother.

Jesus. How the hell did he manage to do that? And just why does he think that it’s a good idea to be moving that piece of flesh around on his head and filming it like it’s no big deal? It’s definitely a big deal.

Hope he managed to get himself stitched up and didn’t do any more damage. That is one hell of a nasty shot eh?

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