A Man Has Discovered A Pork Scratching That Resembles Donald Trump


It’s always funny when someone discovers an item of food that resembles a celebrity and I’m not sure if there’s ever been a more fitting one than this pork scratching that resembles Donald Trump because you know, a pork scratching is the part of the pig that has no real use and nobody really wants – a great way to describe the current United States incumbent.

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The pork scratching was discovered by Matthew Smith in Middlesborough, who was enjoying a couple of pints at his local pub The Linthorpe Hotel with some mates when he made the discovery. Here’s what he had to say about the incident (sure to be something more interesting than ‘I was eating my crisps and there he was!’):

It’s definitely the hair that makes it.

I was enjoying a packet of pork scratchings washed down with a stout or two at my local pub with a couple of mates.

I noticed that one of the porcine snacks bore a quite uncanny resemblance to a certain Donald J Trump – much to the amusement of myself and my drinking companions.

Everyone around the table was in agreement that it definitely resembled ‘the Donald’ – it’s definitely down to the hairs and the inimitable, distinctive comb over effect.

It was unanimously decided that the pork scratching should not be eaten and should be preserved for as long as possible.

It just seemed a shame to throw it away. It’s not every day you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a bar snack that so uncannily resembles a notorious world leader.

I took it home in the packet and thankfully it wasn’t damaged as Samuel Smith’s pork scratchings are known for their particularly robust constitution.

As thoroughly tragic as this probably sounds, I do still own the pork scratching and it resides safely within the drawer of my desk in my office at home.

Yep, that statement was definitely just as overblown and ridiculous as I thought it would be. Guy could have just said ‘I got a pork scratching that looked like Donald Trump so I kept it’ and we would have been happy, but I suppose he’s living up in Middlesborough during a pandemic so there’s not a lot of excitement going on. Gotta get your kicks somehow and creatively writing about an incredibly boring incident is definitely one way to do that.

Not really sure the pork scratching even looks that much like Trump either. Sure the hair is similar but I think the face looks a bit too long and thin to be an exact replica – it’s kinda more like the ‘Spitting Image’ version of him. I suppose it is a pork scratching though so we shouldn’t get too bothered about it, although now we’re trapped in our houses again for the foreseeable we’re probably going to see a bit more of it.

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