A Man Died After Slipping In His Bathroom And Falling On A Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

You can’t be too careful these days.

You never know when death is going to creep up on you and take your life, but I’m sure that the vast majority of us wouldn’t expect it to happen in our own bathrooms though.

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However, it can occur there and it can also be remarkably painful judging by this story that features a guy who fell over in his bathroom and died after landing on his toilet brush. He somehow landed so violently that the toilet brush went straight through his right eye and became embedded in his skull.

Complications arose when the toilet brush became cut off at the hilt and it became impossible to remove it from his eye. Doctors in the man’s hometown of Istra near Moscow opened up his skull to remove it – as well as some bone fragments in his skull that had broken off – but the guy still remained in a coma and died several days later.


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RIP. What a way to go though – always make sure that’re careful when you’re walking around the bathroom as the slightest slip and you might end up dead via one of the most horrific methods I’ve ever heard of. Stay safe.

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