Absolute Scumbag Smashes Girlfriend’s Laptop and Trashes Her Room After He Finds Out She Cheated On Him

Does this guy have any right to behave this way whatsoever?

In possibly one of the worst reactions to being cheated on we’ve ever seen (almost up there with cutting your husband’s dick off twice in one night), this little waste bellend thought it’d be a good idea to film himself harassing his girlfriend, smashing up her things, and just generally talking a bunch of shit after discovering she’d been unfaithful:

Obviously his girlfriend was in the wrong to cheat on him, but is this really how a grown man deals with it? Wouldn’t revenge have been sweeter if he just never spoke to her again and went on to have a successful life without her? Instead all he’s done is probably shown her that she’s better off without him.

Or maybe a brutal, life-destroying Facebook status would’ve sufficed.


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