A Man Collapsed Coughing In Canary Wharf Amid Coronavirus Fears (VIDEO)


I thought we had heard the last of the Coronavirus when it didn’t seem to be making so much news last week, but after an outbreak in Italy and one in Tenerife there are now fears of one in London after a man was filmed coughing and spluttering and falling to the ground in Canary Wharf yesterday at Jubilee Place in the shopping centre.

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An exclusive video has been obtained of the incident by The Daily Star that you can see below – and to be fair, it really does look like the guy is in a bit of trouble as he falls to the floor violently coughing from the effects of what could be the Coronavirus.

Click on the video for fullscreen, sorry it’s so small to begin with (Daily Star enit) and then read underneath that what the eye witness had to say about it happening:

I was sitting at Caffe Nero and all of a sudden a man started coughing really loud.

He sounded really sick and you can hear from all those chesty coughs, people walking past him literally ran away.

Yeah that does not look or sound good, but I suppose we’ve gotta remember that it’s not necessarily the Coronavirus and that even if it is, the death rate on it is pretty low. Just gotta make sure you’re super careful and get it checked out ASAP if you think you’re displaying symptoms. Hopefully you’ll be OK.

The situation worsened yesterday when an employee of Chevron – who are based in the same area of Canary Wharf – reported flu like symptoms and they took the decision to send thousands of workers home and told to stay there for the time being to try and prevent the spread of the virus. Maybe it is time to invest in one of those masks after all?

For more Coronavirus, check out what happened when a KFC employee was diagnosed with it recently. Crazy.


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