Man Claims He Lost His Job Because He Had His Ex Girlfriend’s Name ISIS Tattooed On His Lip

ISIS Lip Tattoo

That really is an unfortunate tattoo in the current climate.

A guy called Kirk Soccorso from Mastic in New York could quite possibly have one of the most unfortunate tattoos ever inked. Not because it’s crap like this one – although it is a lip tattoo which is never really advisable – but because it says ISIS. If Kirk was a radical Muslim freedom fighter then that would be all well and good –  and probably maybe even expected to be honest – but the problem is he isn’t at all, and it was actually his ex girlfriend’s name. She was named after the Egyptian goddess of nature, and apparently Kirk had never heard of ISIS when he got it a few months ago.

As you might expect, when you walk around the USA with an ISIS tattoo then people are going to be less than friendly towards you, even if it’s on your lip and it isn’t exactly visible. Once they find out though, it isn’t going to be pretty as Kirk discovered when he lost his job at Home Depot shortly after revealing it to a co-worker. Kirk alleges that he was dismissed solely because of the tattoo, but Home Depot are obviously coming out and saying that it’s completely unrelated and was more due to his workplace performance. Kirk is considering suing them.

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Kirk Soccorso

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Explaining why he got the tattoo, Kirk had the following to say:

She had this idea… Let’s get each other’s names tattooed. My name Kirk is four letters and hers is Isis…

I honestly didn’t know what the acronym meant until just recently.

Hmm, is that perhaps the height of ignorance? Surely he must have heard of ISIS at some point before he got the tattoo, they’ve been in the news pretty much constantly for the last two years right? He’s only got himself to blame really, or maybe he shouldn’t bother showing it to people either because it’s not like they’re going to find out unless he gets it out for them, is it? Dummy.

Although Kirk is getting massive beef for his tattoo, imagine what it must be like to be his actual ex-girlfriend and be named ISIS. Now that’s even more unfortunate because at least Kirk knowingly got the tattoo – there wasn’t really anything she could do about it and no way her parents could have known what ISIS would mean in 2015.


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