Naked Man With Huge Afro Goes On The Rampage In San Francisco Subway Station

BART Subway

Since the discovery of bath salts, naked men rampaging around causing havoc is nothing new, but this could be one of the best videos we’ve seen of it yet.

This happened way back on May 10th but there was only this one really crappy video of it when it happened so I figured it wasn’t even worth talking about. I mean as funny as a naked man going on a pissing and spitting rampage in a subway station is and doing handstands and gymnastics on the turnstiles is, the fact that the video was only 22 seconds didn’t really do it justice. Thankfully now though this version has emerged and it was worth the wait, trust me on that.

I think my favourite thing about it is that it’s filmed by a station agent, who sounds exactly like one of those stereotypical nerds from the 80’s who has a voice that sounds like they’ve just inhaled about two tanks of helium. I’m pretty sure it’s a woman but I’m not 100% sure because she has a really weird voice.

But anyway, all the way through the video she’s screaming at the dude ‘please stop, BART police are on their way’ like she genuinely thinks that by screaming that in the most pathetic way possible might actually do something to stop this guy from doing whatever the hell he’s doing. To be fair, the other security guard trying to stop him isn’t doing a very good job of it by going up to him and trying to talk him down/tackle him so maybe it is the best option, it just sounds really pathetic, especially when she’s filming it too.

There’s a great part where she says out loud to herself ‘Come on BART police, get here’ which kind of sums her up in the video. She then locks herself in her office and films him while he bothers the security guard and other commuters. I guess if I was a female station agent I would probably be pretty scared and do the same and not confront the guy, it’s just the fact that she filmed it all and her reaction to it that makes me crack up at how lame she is being at her job. The security guard isn’t liking it either to be fair though, but at least he’s making a bit of an effort to stop this guy. Although not much.

The video itself is pretty funny, although the part where the guy attacks the woman is slightly unsettling as you’re not really sure what he’s trying to do. He’s so messed up it could be rape or murder or he might just be pushing her around trying to get a hug, it isn’t really clear and the video is quite far away. The woman seems petrified though so I’m gonna assume it’s something that isn’t good.

Most of the time though he’s just running around with his huge afro bouncing around on the turnstiles and the station looking like he’s having a ball. There’s one bit where he does a sick flip off the turnstile onto the floor which is pretty amazing considering how messed up he is. Then he lies on the floor for a bit and spazzes out.

I would probably be pretty scared if I was there like I said, but watching it back – especially with the nerdy commentary – is pretty hilarious. Apparently the dude got arrested later that day but nobody knows what happens to him right now.

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