Watch This Absolute Maniac Chug Two Litres Of Jack Daniels In One Minute

Ernest Acosta Jack Daniels


It’s been a while since we’ve witnessed a guy chugging a bottle of liquor down in an absolutely unfathomable amount of time, and it seems like we’ve been rewarded for our patience with the video below, where the dude chugs down not one, but two litres in a ridiculous time period.

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His name is Ernest Acosta and he’s well known on YouTube for filming such challenges, but this has got to be his dumbest one yet. Just for the lolz, he decides to knock back two litres of Jack Daniels in less than a minute. Wonder how this one is going to turn out?

I mean that is mightily impressive but just watching him chugging it made me a little bit sick in my own mouth, and then watching the way he’s acting afterwards makes me feel like he’s the stupidest guy ever for even attempting it. I mean I probably thought that before I even watched the video but the reaction just cements that point massively.

What a grade A moron, although I suppose he’s got almost 9 million views on Facebook so he is the winner after all of this. You tell me if it was worth it though.

For more of the same, here’s a guy chugging a bottle of whiskey in 13 seconds. Bit tame by today’s standards I suppose.


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