If You’re Outside During Lockdown In India, The Police Batter You With Sticks (VIDEO)


Trying to enforce lockdown on a country with 1.3 billion people was never going to be easy, but I guess it’s some kind of deterrent if you know that being caught outdoors will result in you being whacked all over the body with a barrage of sticks.

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What do you reckon – is it working?

I’m not gonna pretend to know anything about India’s healthcare system but I do know that there’s no way it’s equipped to deal with a large-scale outbreak of coronavirus in a country that populated. So I’m actually not too mad at the fact that police are allowed to give you a little whack as a reminder that you really should be staying at home.

The only question is what happens if the sticks prove to be ineffective? Do they upgrade to bats? Full on punches? Might convince some of these moped riders to start wearing helmets at least.

P.S. Think I might know why Indians aren’t afraid of coronavirus – they’ve already found the cure.


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