A Man Chased Shoppers Through Tesco With An Axe

Axe Murderer Tesco

Not your regular shopping trip.

Everyone reading this must have been to Tesco or the equivalent supermarket thousands of times and nothing remotely out of the ordinary happened, but if you had been visiting the Tesco in the Purley, South London branch last night then you would have bore witness to an absolutely crazy and life threatening surprise.

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At around 10pm last night police were called to the store after a masked man with an axe stormed the shop and started chasing people whilst he was swinging it around. Fortunately nobody was hurt and it looks from the video that he was more out to scare and intimidate people rather than actually murder or hurt them, but either way it looks like it was an absolutely terrifying experience from the CCTV footage.

Scary, although like I said it’s more kind of reminiscent of something you might experience in a Halloween horror maze rather than an actual axe murderer trying to end your life. Luther just doesn’t happen in real life. Here’s what the police had to say about the incident:

Police were called on Tuesday, January 22 at 10.14pm to a supermarket in Purley Way to reports of a man in possession of a hammer.

Officers attended and were informed the man had caused damage to the store. The suspect left prior to police arrival.

A search of the area took place but he was not found. Enquiries are ongoing to trace him.

No arrests at this stage. Officers from Croydon are investigating.

Kinda worrying that they haven’t been able to track down some weirdo running around with an axe yet, but hopefully the cops will do their job and have found him before too long. Hopefully it’s an isolated incident as well, although even if it wasn’t it doesn’t really look like he wants to do too much damage from the video – more like he just wants to wave his axe around and feel like a big man. Hope I’m right.

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