Man Changes Name To Fire Exit And Claims He’s More Famous Than Elton John



I’m gonna start this one off by saying I don’t think that Elton John is the most famous person in the world, but he’s definitely up there and he’s definitely more famous than the loser in this article who has changed his name to Fire Exit in order to try and become a big deal.

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41 year old father of five Deano Wilson had been toying with the idea for years, but decided to bite the bullet during the pandemic and changed his name at 1:30am on the internet via deed poll. Sure he was fully sober when he made that decision.

Anyway, it doesn’t sound like he regrets it at all and has fully leaned into his new life as ‘Fire Exit’, claiming that people are recognising him all over the world and offering to buy him drinks wherever he goes. Sounds like he really killed it huh?

Here’s what he had to say:

Nobody else has a name that well-known, not even Elton John.

People are always coming up to me in bars and at parties — they know who I am.

People have given me loads of free drinks, and one barber even cut my hair for free because he heard about my name change.

I have been signing signs everywhere.

Some shops, estate agents and other places have my autograph on their exit signs.

It was during COVID. I had nothing to lose, and it was cheaper to do it during this time.

I changed it online at 1:30 a.m and it cost me £17.

People check out the stories about me in their own language.

I recently visited Berlin, and it’s already getting spread around there.

I did it for comedy, but there has been all different kinds of reactions.

But in person, it is different — when people meet me, they instantly see it’s a whole different thing.

I’m the one that’s laughing … I did it for the reactions.

It’s the only name in lights in every language around the world.

Even when there’s no power, my name is illuminated up there.

People say I’m crazy but a genius.

Maybe genius is a bit much there? I’m also not really sure that I believe that people all over the world are buying him drinks and giving him loads of free stuff for changing his name to something completely and utterly stupid?

Maybe they can see ‘the comedy’ but it still just strikes me as something that he’s 100% made up. Probably got bought one drink once at a fetish club in Berlin or something.

Fair play to him for sticking with is and trying to make it work though I guess. Most people probably would have given up by now.

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