Man Caught Trying To Smuggle MDMA Into A Festival Under His Foreskin

Hell of a hiding place.

Everyone knows that one of the most worrying parts of attending a festival is sneaking your drugs in – even though most of the time you just get a quick pat down and are sent on your way, it can still be majorly stressful – and that’s why people are always coming with new and inventive hiding places. I think the guy in this story might have gone too far though, especially seeing as he got caught as well.

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Benjamin De Luca was trying to smuggled MDMA into the Listen Out festival in Melbourne last year when sniffer dogs picked up the scent of drugs coming from his crotch – never thought that actually worked. Anyway, a quick investigation revealed a baggy of the drugs had been secreted under his foreskin. Ewww, would hate to be the guy or girl that had to fish that out.

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De Luca was issued with a drug diversion notice but failed to attend the treatment program required, arguing that he was a full time concreter. As such, he was fined $1000 AUS but avoided a conviction. Maybe just hide it in your sock next time Benjamin mate, that method’s been working for years.

For more of the same, here’s a guy who regularly stuffs things in a foreskin for banter. What a legend.


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