VIDEO: Man Catches Wife Cheating, Chases Down Her Naked Lover Through Tijuana

Naked Man Running Through Tijuana

This kind of thing probably happens every day in Mexico, but it’s not every day it gets videotaped. Or that the guy looks like he’s in the Village People.

I haven’t ever caught my woman cheating – or been walked in on by a girl who I’ve been hooking up with’s other halves – so I’m not sure what happens when something like that occurs, although it seems that there are a couple of options:

1) The guy who’s being cheated on crumples into a ball crying.

2) The guy who’s doing the cheating slowly gathers his clothes and leaves whilst the victim screams and shouts at the cheater.

3) The guy who’s doing the cheating is beaten up and/or chased with a view to being beaten up by the victim.

This is what the 3rd option looks like, and even though it’s in Spanish it’s completely awesome because you know what’s going on because there’s only one time anyone is ever going to be chasing a guy wearing a thong and a cowboy hat through the city streets of Tijuana.

I don’t know what feels worse for the guy – the fact that his wife was cheating on him, the fact that he’s too fat and old to catch the guy she’s cheating on him with.

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