Man Catches Thief In His Back Garden, Chokeslams Him Straight To Hell (VIDEO)

Stay away from this man’s garden.

Anyone who’s ever had their house burgled dreams of what they might’ve done if they caught the thief in the act, but for this man over in the north of England, having a few minutes to himself with a would-be intruder turned out to be a sweet reality.

It looks as though the thief was preparing use the man’s bins to climb onto the roof, but the homeowner stepped out into the garden just in time:

Love it. Not only batters the guy but gives him a Ronnie Pickering-style verbal lashing too. I like how the thief tries the classic “I’m hiding from someone” excuse, except the only real hiding going on is the one being dished out on him. Well I mean the guy has to keep warm somehow being out there in the snow with his vest, not to mention his topless neighbour just casually seeing what the drama’s about.

Anyway, not sure what happened off camera, but wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing this burglar on A&E After Dark getting a size 10 shoe removed from his arse. Might want to get a little more elevation on that chokeslam next time though.

For the Florida man who had his face completely mangled after breaking into a 65-year-old former boxer’s home, click HERE. Justice is served!


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