Man Castrated By Pitbull ‘In Revenge For Raping Woman’


In an ideal world nobody would be getting their dick and balls eaten by a pitbull in a savage Mexican gang attack, but if it has to happen to someone, how about a violent rapist?

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Mexican gangs are well-known for getting creative with their torture/revenge methods. They punished this man, in his 30s, for allegedly raping a woman in Mexico City by stripping him naked, beating him up, and then holding him down as they let a dog loose on him.

The gang released the graphic footage online, in which the rapist can be heard screaming in Spanish:

Stop! Leave me now! Leave me!

One of them stifles the man’s cries by stuffing a piece of his own ripped clothing in his mouth as the dog literally bites his dick off. Ouch.

Rape and violence against women in general is a big problem in Mexico (9 women are killed every day). As reported by the Metro:

Last month, hundreds of women took to the streets of Mexico City to demand protection from the police after a number of recent high-profile sex assault cases involving officers.

The protests were sparked by two recent rape cases involving teenage girls, one aged 17 who said four police officers raped her in their patrol car and another, 16, who said an officer raped her in a museum.

Gang violence is obviously also a big concern in Mexico but some might say in this case one problem has cancelled out another – at least as far as the this guy who got his balls bitten off by a pitbull is concerned. I wonder if they spread peanut butter onto the guy’s junk first because how else could they be sure the dog would go for the intended target?

I just hope the man wasn’t innocent because it would be pretty tragic if he was. Good thing Mexican drugs gangs can always be trusted to properly determine other people’s guilt or innocence.

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