Man Breaks Up Street Fight, Drops Truth Bomb And Gets The Kids To Shake Hands

Shaking Hands

He just might be their guardian angel.

We’re not gonna lie and say that we don’t like seeing a good street fight/knockout here on Sick Chirpse, but if every video we featured on the site ended like this then the world would almost certainly be a better place.

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The video starts like your standard Sick Chirpse street fight video in some rough neighbourhood somewhere in America, when out of nowhere a guy just walks up and breaks it up and then gives the two kids and everyone watching a speech so inspirational that the two kids end up shaking hands and calling it even. Watch and learn:

OK, so the speech wasn’t that inspirational and mostly consisted of him saying the same line a few times in a row with added emphasis on each extra time, but the fact remains that some of those kids are listening and they did reluctantly shake hands at the end.

Not sure if the message really got through to them as a lot of them were still laughing, but maybe after the one kid filming put it on Facebook (probably as a joke) and it’s been viewed nearly 30 million times now it might actually go some way to making them listen to some of the things this dude was saying. And fair play to him in the first place for getting involved, kids could quite easily have turned on him and beat the crap out of him. Guy’s a hero.

For more street fights with unexpected endings, here’s a guy getting powerbombed during one. Rare.


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