Man Notices Mystery Dark Substance Running Down His Wall, Turns Out It’s The Blood Of His Upstairs Neighbour (NSFW)


You never know what fucked up things are going on in your neighbour’s home, but for this guy over in Minneapolis, Minnessota, it’s enough to get you looking on RightMove ASAP.

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Here’s the nightmarish way in which AJ McReady discovered his upstairs neighbour had been dead for a week:

Holy cow that’s disgusting. What I don’t get is why he didn’t go upstairs and knock on his neighbour’s door as soon as he saw there was a leak? Obviously your first thought isn’t going to be ‘blood’ but you’re still going to want to get to the bottom of it ASAP. This guy waited for the maintenance people to come round and even they were stumped.

The craziest part from the article in the Metro is that it sounds like AJ is still living in this apartment. I’m sorry but having blood coming down the walls? Way too ominous and horror-movieish for comfort. I don’t care how long he’s lived there or how many memories he’s got or how good his commute to work is – if I were him I’d be seeking alternative accommodation quick time.

To watch a West Lothian man shoot his neighbour in the chest with a crossbow, click HERE. He should probably move out as well.


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