Absolute Nutjob Bites The Head Off His Girlfriend’s Chihuahua During Brutal Fight

Luis Arroyo

That poor pup.

A man over in Puerto Rico has been arrested after he bit the head off of his girlfriend’s Chihuahua.

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Luis Arroyo, 40, allegedly attacked the dog in a fit of rage, before punching the girlfriend in the face. Dude’s got some serious anger issues.

Luis Arroyo 1

What’s weird is, according to officials, Arroyo has no criminal record for any offences whatsoever – so this was his first and only crime. He went in pretty strong for a first timer.

After being arrested, Arroyo pleaded guilty to mistreatment of an animal and domestic abuse. He was given seven years in the slammer as well as a £2,400 fine. Pretty harsh for a first time offence, but then again so is biting the head off of a dog.


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