This 93-Year-Old Veteran’s Reunion With His Stolen Pup Is Making The Internet Cry


It’s a tearjerker.

What’s more tragic than a man being separated from his beloved doggo? A 93-year-old WWII veteran having his 12-year-old Chihuahua stolen from him, that’s what.

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Unbelievably, some cruel bastard decided it would be acceptable to steal Roger LeClair’s Lola from his back garden the day after the election. Quite rightly so, Roger was devastated.

The pair are such a popular duo in the community that everyone in the neighbourhood roped in to help find the pup and once the news of Lola’s disappearance made it around Twitter, people were hellbent on getting the two reunited:

Amazingly, a woman named Cynthia Godfrey eventually found Lola in a nearby park and she was absolutely delighted to reunite the scared dog back to Roger.

She said that he was utterly “elated” after hearing the news that Lola was OK and let’s just say, the reunion was a tearjerker:

Hats off to Cynthia for getting these two back together. That’s her good deeds done for the year.

As cute and emotional as this is, I still don’t think it will ever beat this kid getting reunited with his lost pup. Now THAT’S a tearjerker.


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