Man Caught With Extreme Bestiality Porn Accused Of Doing The Unthinkable With A Fish

Fish phone

Under the sea.

In what might be the grimiest story of 2017 so far, a man who was found with ‘fish porn’ is now being accused of having sex with a fish.

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Nelson Nazare, 47, lost his job as a children’s support worker due to the video, which was found by police after he was arrested for harassing his wife. Probably asking her for a marine-style sex session.

Nelson now says that the revelation has made him a laughing stock, with people accusing him of having relations with a fish:

People say I slept with a fish, but it’s a lie. I have been shouted at in the street.

People say: ‘Oh look, it’s that guy who had sex with a fish.’

I did not download the video. My friend sent it to me to cheer me up because I was depressed after I split from my wife.

Now I cannot get a job because when people Google me all the articles come up.


Nelson added that the news even spread to his birthplace Zimbabwe, leading to his two children being bullied, not to mention him receiving a six-week suspended jail sentence.

I’ve got to say that I feel kind of sorry for Nelson. I’m not saying that it’s OK to own bestiality porn, but I’m guessing that if this was the only freaky video he had on his phone, then he probably is telling the truth about his friend sending it to him as a laugh. And before you start questioning this move, don’t pretend like you didn’t see a load of freaky websites when you were at secondary school. Goatse, Meatspin, Lemon Party… the list goes on.

Sounds like Nelson needs to start afresh in a new town. Or maybe he could do the same as this guy and try to destroy the internet. At least then he might be able to find a job.


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