This Man Has Just Become The Most Hated Person Of 2016

Clearly this guy is not right in the head.

A new mums’s video is going viral after she asked the internet if anyone knows the man who reacted with such disgust at her breastfeeding her baby in a café.

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The man demands a refund for his meal and calls the woman “fucking disgusting” and a “whore”.

She shared the video on her Facebook alongside this message – and thus far it’s racked up over 5.6 million views and 70,000+ shares:


Clearly this guy is not right in the head, not only because he goes into meltdown at the sight of some milky titties but also for not realising that public freakouts of this nature ALWAYS result in your face being plastered all over the internet and the 2016 social justice warriors coming for your head. Go online for me one time dude.

And while the lady sticking up for the mum absolutely did the right thing, you can so tell she’s one of these people who LOVES being involved in this type of drama. Probably dreams of coming across confrontations like this so she can jump in and be the hero. I mean respect to her for getting involved but at the same time you just know she’s already got a lengthy Facebook status up about how she came to this breastfeeding mum’s rescue.

Still, wonder what that bloke would make of the woman who quit her job so she could stay at home and breastfeed her boyfriend full-time.


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