Man Beats The Shit Out Of His Wife For Making His Grilled Cheese Too Cheesy

A man over in the US was arrested recently for beating up his wife after she made his grilled cheese with three slices of cheese. She was only supposed to use two.

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According to Anthens-Clarke country police, 55-year-old James DePaola got so irate with his wife that he ended up pulling the phone out of the wall, spitting at her and hitting her in the face. Luckily their 12-year-old daughter managed to seek out her mum’s phone and call 911.

When police arrived to the scene, the wife Michele said that James had a history of violent and abusive behaviour that had led him to previously being arrested and served with a restraining order.

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She also said that while he had become very upset with the grilled cheese incident, she didn’t actually think that he was going to beat on her. James has since been charged with obstruction and criminal damage to property.

Well you’ve got to feel for Michelle here really haven’t you? If I were with someone who snuck in a cheeky extra slice of cheese into my grilled sandwich, I’d be overjoyed. Can’t imagine how anyone could get angry over that, let alone violent.

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