Man Beat Wife And Showed Pictures To Friends To Brag He Had Her Under Control

Beat Up 2


Over in Russia, we have another sickening account of men who think that they can do whatever they want to women and get away with it – only this time it looks like he actually isn’t for once.

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Granted this guy isn’t famous and his actions seem to be a whole lot worse than some of the stories that have come out of Hollywood recently, but even so it’s a wake up call to the rest of the world. His name is Maxim Gribanov and he lived in Lebedyan over in Western Russia with his girlfriend Anastasia Oviannikova.

Unfortunately for Anastasia, Maxim might have been the worst boyfriend ever as he routinely bullied, abused and intimidated her throughout their relationship, so much so that she was actually scared to split up with him for what he might do to her when he found out. And so predictably when Maxim discovered that she had met someone new and was planning on ditching her, he decided to beat her to a literal pulp and then show pictures to his friends to brag about how he had her under control.

This one isn’t for the squeamish, you’ve been warned:

Beat Up

Jesus. If you think that’s bad then maybe skip the rest of the story too.

After a relentless pummelling that lasted several hours, it was discovered that she suffered severe bruising, internal bleeding and several broken bones. Her injuries were so severe that she slipped into a coma and died six days later. RIP.

What an absolute scumbag this Maxim guy is – but it looks like he will actually pay for his crimes as he’s currently on trial for them. Unfortunately as he plead partially guilty he’s only going to face sixteen years on the inside which is way too little for someone as awful as him. So it goes.

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