This Nut Job Battered His Pregnant Girlfriend Because He Thought Their Baby Wasn’t His

Man Tattooed Face


A 30 year old Texas man with a full face of tattoos called Jacob Pauda beat the crap out of his heavily pregnant girlfriend because he suspected that the baby wasn’t his. Does that look like the face of a person who would do such a thing?

Pauda is now facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the attack that took place on February 8th. It was late at night and Pauda was said to be high on cocaine when he accused the woman of cheating on him and started punching her. He told her not to scratch him during the attack, otherwise things would be ‘worse for her’. Asshole.

The woman denied cheating on him but this only seemed to make it worse as Pauda threatened her with a large butcher’s knife from their kitchen. He repeatedly grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto the floor, where he kicked her over and over again until she was able to escape and phone her mum, who came to pick her up.

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Man Tattooed Face

When Pauda discovered that her mother was coming round, he got even more angry and started throwing her around even more, slamming her into several objects in the room. He then promptly left and was arrested several days later after the woman went to the police, and he’ll face trial soon.

Chances are they’ll take one look at him and send him down. I mean how would you not be completely terrified of a face like that? They’re all going to think that he battered his girlfriend because it’s exactly the kind of psychotic thing that someone who would tattoo their entire face would do. Sorry dude, but you’re going down.

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