Man Banned From Every Sainsbury’s In The Country Insists He Has Done Nothing Wrong



I think if you’re going to get banned from every store in a franchise in a country then chances are that you’re gonna have done something wrong, but 62 year old Garry Frost is insisting that he’s hasn’t done anything of the sort.

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Frost is claiming the the car parking at his local Sainsbury’s in Middleton Park Avenue, Leeds is morally incorrect and the supermarket giant responded by banning him from every shop in the country. Garry was complaining because cars were regularly parked in the bays all day, despite a one hour no return policy in Leeds.

Staff informed him that that it was their cars parked in the bays – sounds reasonable enough – but Garry was still angry and argued that their presence hinders disabled access to the shops on Middleton Park Avenue. Here’s what he had to say about the situation:

I’ve done nothing wrong. I wasn’t discourteous, I wasn’t rude or aggressive. I merely pointed out that it was morally incorrect what they were doing.

They were quite rude about it actually and said ‘we’ll do what we want – blah blah blah.

They served me a notice whilst I was having breakfast in the local cafe.

I opened up the letter and I couldn’t believe it.

I thought it was a joke at first and we had a good laugh about it. But they’re serious.

It says if I go into one, they will call the police and I will be treated as a trespasser.

It’s a vendetta. It’s totally over the top what they’ve done.

I’m honestly really annoyed about it. Plus, it’s the principle. The wording of the letter and everything.

They need some bad publicity about it and I need an apology, it’s just wrong.

Yeah, kinda sounds like Garry isn’t telling the full story there if he’s being banned for usi ng loud, threatening and abusive behaviour does it? Hate to stereotype but he does look like the kind of guy to use it too, doesn’t he?

Anyway, I think it’s kind of funny that Sainsbury’s couldn’t be bothered to deal with him anymore so just straight up banned him from every single store in the country. Major power move, although I always wonder how that would be enforced if Garry wandered into one in say Plymouth. Surely they wouldn’t recognise him and kick him out in time?

As for the issue, it seems kinda a weird hill for the guy to die on? Surely it’s fairly normal for staff to be allowed to park their cars outside their place of work? Get a grip on reality pal.

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