Man Asks To Use Neighbour’s Phone; Instead Strips Butt Naked And Sits On Her Couch

Ramel Thomas


Police over in Cleveland are accusing 43 year old Ramel Thomas of robbery and public indecency after he went into his neighbour’s home after she said he could use his phone, stripped naked and stole two of her walking canes.

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Thomas approached his 72 year old neighbour – who lives in the same apartment building as him at East 120th Street near Rexford Avenue – and asked if he could use her phone. Once she complied, he entered her apartment, took off all his clothes and then sat on the couch in her lounge.

After a bit of nagging, Thomas eventually agreed to put his clothes back on and began to walk out of the apartment. The woman followed him to the door, where he pushed her against the wall and grabbed two of her walking canes. He then ran out of the apartment.

Walking Canes

It didn’t take too long for cops to catch up with him and he was arrested the same day and subsequently charged with burglary, robbery and public indecency. He’s currently in jail on a $50,000 bond before his court date on May 27th, where he’s expected to be found guilty and be issued with some kind of punishment for his outrageous behaviour.

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Bit of a weird one this one – it seems clear that he must have been under the influence of some kind of drug, but it’s kind of crazy that all he wanted to do was hang out naked and wasn’t particularly violent towards the woman. Also seems kind of weird that he only decided to steal two walking canes and not anything else in the apartment when he probably could have quite clearly overpowered her. I guess that’s how bad meth makes you act? Only explanation I can come up with anyway.

Here’s a video of a guy’s meth head neighbours that he shot over the course of three years. A real eye opener.


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