A Man Has Been Arrested After Posting An Offensive Tweet About Captain Sir Tom Moore

How could anyone sully the memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore?

I think everyone in the country was saddened to hear of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore last week after  a short battle with Coronavirus – everyone that is except for one person who posted an offensive tweet about the guy and  has now been arrested for his trouble.

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The arrest happened up in Lanarkshire and was reported to us via Twitter by their police force:

Lol ‘communication offences’ is a bit vague isn’t it? Can’t really imagine what the guy must have said to end up getting arrested, but it seems like a bit of a slippery slope to be going down if you’re going to be incarcerated and punished for what you’re saying on Twitter. I reckon probably 50% of the stuff on that website is people bitching at famous people for no real reason, maybe more.

Sure, Captain Sir Tom was an almost universally loved character (I’m not going to get into the politicisation of this achievements, or the fact that the NHS probably shouldn’t need a 100 year old man to raise money for them if the government was doing its job probably), and so it’s kinda shocking that someone would be offensive abut him, but where do you draw the line? They’re gonna have to arrest everyone if they keep going with stuff like that. Just look at someone like Piers Morgan’s replies every day. Jails would be full to bursting within hours.

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