Captain Tom Moore Has Launched His Own Brand Of Gin With All Proceeds Going To Charity

Just in time for Christmas.

Even though we’ve been stuck inside for the majority of 2020,  it feels like a whole load of stuff has happened, to the point that I even forgot about the feel good story of the year when Captain Tom Moore managed to raise £32 million for the NHS by walking up and down his drive with a zimmer frame. What a hero.

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Tom has been fairly quiet over the last few months, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been hard at work coming up with some other ways to raise money for good causes and he’s finally revealed one of them with the news that he’s releasing his own brand of gin for Christmas. Tom has partnered with the Otterbeck Distillery in Yorkshire to produce Captain Sir Tom London Dry Gin, with all profits going to the Captain Tom Foundation.

The gin itself is inspired by the herbs grown in Captain Tom’s childhood garden in Yorkshire and has notes of rosemary and thyme. Here’s what Nicola Lampkin, Founder of Otterbeck Distillery, said about the collaboration:

It is an amazing privilege to be working with Captain Sir Tom and his foundation which supports some incredible charities; We’re delighted to be able to do our bit to help support such worthwhile causes.

Captain Sir Tom has captured the imagination of the world and we’re proud to have distilled a very special gin with a very special man.

Yeah, I gotta say it is pretty great that Tom is capitalising on his fame to try and help even more people. It’ll also mean that his legacy will live on long after he passes on and his memory will continue to help people. Fair play to the guy.

Captain Sir Tom London Dry Gin retails at £35.95 and can be bought online here. Get some for your parents or something, sure they’ll love it.

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