Man Gets Arrested For “Mad Dogging” A Police Officer (VIDEO)

The police officer is now under investigation over this controversial video.

While the majority of police officers are decent people doing their jobs, the amount of footage we’ve seen in recent weeks even without the George Floyd video has revealed a very real problem as it pertains to corrupt cops breaking the law and mistreating citizens even over the most minor infractions (or no infraction at all).

In this clip out of Desert Hot Springs, California, a power-tripping police officer harrasses a man and eventually arrests him for “mad dogging” him. Which basically means he was just staring at him ‘in a threatening manner’:

Unbelievable. The guy made the cop feel like an idiot and that’s the only reason he handcuffed him. Yeah OK he did call him a retard and told him to go back to school, but was any crime committed? Nope:

These cops basically said “we’re arresting him until we can figure out a reason to arrest him”, which is absolute insanity. Also I’m pretty sure police are obligated to say out loud why someone is being arrested. We didn’t hear that in this video because there was no reason to arrest that dude.

All’s well that ends well though, because according to Desert Hot Springs police Deputy Chief Jim Hanson who spoke to the Desert Sun, the officer has lost his job over the incident:

All I can say is that officer no longer works for our department.

He clearly couldn’t handle the heat of being a policeman, so that’s probably for the best. IMO what the world needs right now is more decent people becoming police officers and changing the system from within. I’m not really sure how else the problem of police corruption will ever be solved.

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