Man Arrested For Saying The Essential Reason He Was Outside Was To Buy Weed

Is weed essential?

Everyone seems to be in the same boat right now as regards to staying inside their homes other than for essential activity, but the fact is that ‘essential’ has a very different meaning for some people out there.

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Take the guy in this story who was recently arrested for being outside and argued that it was for the essential activity of buying weed. South Wales Police uploaded the story onto their Twitter account:

I mean I guess you could argue that buying weed is an essential activity because marijuana does have medicinal properties and has been proven to help with anxiety in some case studies. But unfortunately in Wales, weed is still illegal so it’s hardly the best defence from this guy and was probably going to land him in more trouble and end up with his weed confiscated, which is exactly what happened. What an idiot.

If you want to look into it a bit deeper as well you can argue that he’s probably doing loads to spread the virus because it’s pretty unlikely that a dealer’s car is going to be sterilised and super clean. Doubt that the weed he picked up wasn’t covered in all kinds of germs as well.

Would probably advise that buying weed at these times isn’t an essential activity unless you do my some miracle have some kind of prescription. They have been trialling it on the NHS in some places so it’s possible that you might get away with, just not buying it off some dodgy guy named Boaz or something.

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