Watch This Man Armed With Pepper Spray Try To Get A Large Bear Out From Underneath His House

Bear Underneath House

You might need a bit more than pepper spray there buddy.

If I got back to my house and found a humongous bear hanging out underneath it, then I would probably call animal services or the cops or something to try and get rid of it. Or if that didn’t work I would just go into my house and lock the door and not disturb it and hope that it would walk at some point.

I wouldn’t do what this dude from Lake Tahoe decided to do and grab a buddy and then arm himself with pepper spray and a camera and go down underneath the house and try and get it out myself. No way. In fairness to the guy though he actually manages to get him out but still – going up against a huge bear is not something that’s on my to do list.

Be warned, there are some solid jumpy moments in this video so if you’re of a nervous disposition then maybe give it a miss. The warning snorts are actually terrifying.

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Told you it was scary as hell didn’t I? Rather that dude than me that’s for sure, and I’m kind of glad I live in a city where there’s no chance of a bear getting anywhere near me anytime soon.

Even this friendly bear – which is pretty much a human and can has skills that a lot of men couldn’t even dream of – scares the absolute crap out of me. Bears are just not what it’s about.


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