A Man Has Allegedly Found A Brain Washed Up On A Beach


Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, a guy from Wisconsin is claiming that he’s found a brain washed up on his local beach.

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Jimmy Senda was taking his morning walk along the shore at Samuel Myers Park in Racine on Tuesday morning when he came across what looks like a human brain wrapped in tinfoil. Here’s what Jimmy said about his discovery, as well as a Fox News report on the incident:

I don’t really know how to explain it, it didn’t register as a human brain. I was just like: ‘What is this?’

I came across this square package, wrapped in aluminum foil, and around it, it had a pink rubber band. Curiosity got to me, so I popped it open and it looked like a chicken breast – kind of. It took a little bit for it to really (register) of what was going on; it was a brain.

I asked some other people on the beach what they thought it was and they agreed it looked like a brain, as did the cops when they showed up.

There’s a lot of kids and families that are down here, and what happens if a kid would have found it?

Good question – probably nothing really and they just would have screamed a bit. The brain has now been taken for testing at Racine County Medical Examiner’s Office and initial reports indicate that they don’t think it’s a human brain, but we’re still waiting back for final confirmation.

It kinda looks like a brain in the photos and the videos, but the fact that they’re blurred it out doesn’t really help anyone trying to identify it. I guess we’re just gonna have to wait for the science geeks down at the lab to determine what it really is.

The ‘brain’ was discovered alongside some flowers and Mandarin writing in the tinfoil, but I doubt it could have floated all the way there from China because the shore line in Wisconsin borders The Great Lakes, not the Indian Ocean. So I guess maybe it floated there from the Chinatown area of somewhere like Chicago or Toronto? Whether or not it’s a human brain or someone’s pet’s brain taking place in a really weird funeral remains to be seen though.

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