This Man Has 29 Children With 24 Different Women

Mr Sperminator

His nickname is Mr Sperminator.

Donating sperm is a pretty weird concept when you think about it – you could literally have a little version of you running around out there somewhere and never know anything about it – but that’s not how career sperm donor Ari Nagel thinks about it.

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Nagel has incredibly sired 29 children via 24 different women and says he’s happily looking to do more too. Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were suitably stunned by his admissions in the six minute interview that you can see below, where he revealed that he offered his ‘service’ to cut out the middle man of the sperm bank, and also allowed women to choose whether he impregnates them via cup, clinic or actual full intercourse.

It’s a very weird interview, which you can check out below:

Yeah, I’ve gotta say for once that I think I probably agree with Piers Morgan’s analysis of the situation – is this guy the biggest creep ever or a gigantic force for good? I’m leaning towards the latter because he just seems so smug about it all, even if five women are suing him for child support. Surely that kind of implies that they weren’t too aware of this arrangement when he impregnated them? Truly a bizarre segment for daytime TV.

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