A Man Had A 12 Hour Erection After He Smoked Weed

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Every guy likes joking around about how they want to have an erection that can last for ages so that they can go all night in the bedroom, but the reality of a boner that won’t go down is probably a lot more distressing than you might think.

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This was the case in point for unnamed 32 year old man who was just trying to get a little high by smoking some weed but ended up with a 12 hour stonker instead. The African American man went to the Coliseum Medical Centers in Macon, Georgia complaining that he had recently suffered six and twelve hour erections with no respite, eventually having to be injected with phenylephrine in order to get them to subside.

The man explained to doctors that he had smoked weed several times a week for the last six months and thought that this might have something to do with it, especially as he had smoked weed  just before both incidents occurred. During this time he also had at least four erections that lasted four hours each, but these eventually went down on their own.

He also explained that he used to smoke weed as a teenager and end up getting long last boners again, but after he quit in the twenties that this never happened again until he started up smoking in the last six months. The Journal of Cannabis Reporting is now suggesting that it was the weed that caused his priapism, saying that there’s a strong correlation between the two events but that they’re not entirely sure why yet.

The authors theorised that it could have turned off the brain receptors that normally bring an erection to an end, or that blood vessels tend to dilate when people smoke marijuana, so this could have brought about the patient’s priapism. Kinda seems like more people would have reported it if this was something that happened to people though.

I mean I’ve smoked a load of weed and it definitely didn’t help me maintain an erection – more likely to spin out and whitey and be embarrassing for everyone involved really rather than have a sex marathon on it to be honest. Must be something up with that guy or the weed is smoking basically.

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