This New Gel Boosts Your Erection And Makes You Better In Bed Within Minutes

Try and get your hands on some of this before you head out tonight.

As much as everyone says it probably has, chances are that erectile disfunction has affected most guys reading this at some point in their lives, even if it was just because of the booze or the pills.

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This might no longer be a problem ever again though and you don’t even need to take viagra to sort it out, thanks to this new gel called Eroxon. British pharmaceutical company Futura Medical saw positive results in 82% of the 232 men they tested it on (don’t really want to think what those tests involved, do you?) and they’re hoping to market it as quickly as possible.

It’s also way quicker to operate than viagra as it takes only 10 minutes to get you ready rather than half an hour. Result.

Chief executive James Bardel (pictured below who looks like he might need Eroxon sooner rather than later) had the following to say about it:


We certainly think it’s a breakthrough product.

The key issues with the other products are speed of onset, all the other products require pre-planning and offer no spontaneity.

Eroxon, however, can form part of sexual foreplay, which is very important for men.

We also have a very safe product, with no serious adverse events or effects occurring during the study.

We believe this could become a first-line therapy for physicians, as topical treatments will often be the preferred first choice product for doctors.

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Certainly sounds like it could be a game changer. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to try it out sooner rather than later if they’re to be believed about getting it to market ASAP.

In the meantime, if you’re suffering from erectile disfunction check out this new metal contraption that can help you out too. Needs must I suppose.


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