What could be more ridiculous than the Jersey Shore? Mama Drama, that’s what.

Now, I don’t really like Jersey Shore and I think I’ve probably actually seen more episodes of Geordie Shore than Jersey Shore, but the impact that all of these retards have had on popular society is pretty much unavoidable when everyone is banging on about The Situation and GTL pretty much wherever you go on the internet and in real life. But anyway, this isn’t a post about how retarded Jersey Shore is, it’s about how the producer of Jersey Shore has come up with another idea that is destined to have a (negative) impact on popular culture: Mama Drama.

This is taking the basic concept provided by stupid shows like Jersey Shore and The Only Way Is Essex and all that other crap and vamping it up to the next level by a factor of maybe 8 (?) and really going for it. Now, instead of just ten random guys or ten random girls in the house or the spotlight or whatever vague connection all these shows are based around, you’ve now got 5 girls and their MOMS in one house together. Now, that might not sound like that good a show right there BUT this isn’t regular girls and their moms, it’s those kind of moms that like dressing the same as their daughters and going out to the same clubs as them and getting drunk with them and hitting on the same guys as them.

So basically a bunch of drunk sluts and their drunk slut moms living together. And you know, the only thing a drunk slut girl likes more than their drunk slut mom is probably the guy that her drunk slut friend is hitting on. You can see where this is going, right? The best thing about it too is that normally in those kind of shows (from what I’ve seen anyway, I’ll admit I’m no expert)  there are normally a bunch of ‘your momma so fat/your momma so slutty’ insults in the inevitable confrontations and well, in this one their mommas are gonna be right there! Shit is gonna get wild.

Mama Drama is due to begin on NEW YEAR’S DAY 2012 on MTV in the US. Start the new year with a bang I guess.


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