Malia Obama Just Got Busted With A Massive Bong While Wearing A ‘Smoking Kills’ T-Shirt

Malia Obama


Malia Obama seems to be hitting the headlines a lot recently – mostly just for doing standard teenage things like taking a hit on a bifta or twerking at a music festival.

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This incident is equally standard for a teen, but I guess if you’re the U.S. president’s daughter, people are always going to look for a way to exploit you or call you out for your behaviour.

Malia was pictured at a house party in Philadelphia where was attending the ‘Made in America’ festival. While having fun with her buddies, she was also caught out sat next to a giant bong. Wonder if she took a hit of that?

Notice how she was wearing her ‘Smoking Kills’ t-shirt that she loves so much? She blatantly hits the reefa:

I do feel for this girl. Seems like she has someone following her around, waiting to bait her up at any moment. That certainly was the case with this incident.


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