Malaysian Special Forces Are Trained To Bite The Heads Off Snakes And Drink Their Blood (VIDEO)

Snake Eating


I imagine that joining the army even in the UK would be way too tough an endeavour for me, but looking at how badass people are in other countries there’s absolutely no chance I would be able to make it anywhere else.

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Case in point, this video below of a demonstration by the Malaysian army. US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was visiting the country where he sought to build ties with their notoriously vices special forces. Instead he was treated to a bunch of them biting the heads off live snakes and drinking their blood in front of him and his posse:

Well, if that isn’t going to intimidate you then I don’t know what is. It almost seems like it’s a joke because it’s so nonchalant and almost as if doing something like that isn’t a big deal at all, but it seems like it’s all too real as that’s a verified Twitter account of a journalist who’s covering Mattiss’ trip over there. Guess they’re just really that crazy in that part of the world.

No news on whether the trip improved ties between the two militaries, but we can only assume that Mattiss though that the best way forward was to make friends with these guys immediately and do whatever he can to stay friends with them. Can you blame him after seeing that?

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