PHOTOS: The Makeshift Homes Of Spanish Punks, Hippies And Ravers

Meet the neo-nomads of rural Spain.

There’s something awfully romantic about the idea of dropping everything in your life, quitting your job and just travelling around in a camper van. It’s something I’m sure you’ve all dreamed about on a Monday morning as you reluctantly jump on the train to work.

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For some people, living off-grid is a genuine reality and photographer Ben Murphy has perfectly captured a glimpse of this community in his series ‘The Riverbed’. Murphy himself spent ten years documenting remote rural and mountainous areas of south east Spain, where he encountered and pictured a load of ‘neo-nomadic’ outsiders – punks, hippies, anarchists and ravers who have set up camp in tents, trucks and other makeshift homes. He says:

The work aims to consider values and expectations of home, society and notions of freedom, while drawing out some of the inevitable paradoxes, compromises and entanglements inherent in rejecting the dominant system when trying to live an alternative life on the margins of the mainstream.

Let’s take a look at how these neo-nomads live: Ben Murphy Ben Murphy Ben Murphy 1 Ben Murphy 2 Ben Murphy 3 Ben Murphy 4 Ben Murphy 5 Ben Murphy 6 Ben Murphy 7

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